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Create an online version of the fashion magazine L'Officiel, create an individual administrative panel for convenient filling of the media portal with materials.


Type of works


01. Intro
L'Officiel, the oldest of current French fashion publications, came to Paris in 1921, and in 1938 became the first fashion magazine to publish colored photos.

For more than 90 years the journal continues to discover talents and set trends in the world of fashion and beauty.

Today L'Officiel is published in France, Russia, China, India, Turkey, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Greece and Ukraine.
We need a recourse that will set new industry trends as we do in fashion
02. Solutions
L'Officiel has been published in Ukraine since 2001. But in this era, the digital journal needed to cement itself online and develop a new revolutionary digital version.
Interactive publication slider

The first screen shows a slider with autoswitching. It contains the most popular and relevant publications of the online journal. An interactive and stylish switching of slides is used, as well as an animation with video.

Interactive content and blocks

On the main page of the site there are relevant publications and blocks taking up the whole width that interrupt the main content and betray the journals dynamic(flow?): pages in social networks, subscriptions to emails, material of the day and Special. The sidebar has a block called “Thing of the day” with daily updated photos and item definitions.

The page with a list of published articles has an “infinite scroll” and preloads published articles without a page refresh, which allows for interaction with the site with minimal amounts of transitions. The same logic applies on the page of categories as well as the publications.

Likewise, it was necessary to take into account that there was a male version of the magazine - L'Officiel Hommes.
Must visit

Is a block in the sidebar, which has weekly updates relating to locations recommended for visiting.

L’homme - dark design variant

In the section of L’officiel homme and its publications, that relate to its section, a dark variant of the design is used that highlights the section as a separate one from the overall site and makes it individual.

"You are like Chuck Norris, but way cooler and you make websites"
Chief editor of L'Officiel Online Toma Mironenko
During analysis, it was discovered that readers come through Facebook, arrive on the third section of the page and leave. We’ve added “infinite” scrolling with a transfer to the main page to involve in all categories.
Horizontal gallery

Unique elements of photo gallery design for the online journal, in which photographs go beyond the scope of the publications.

The publication constructor, two variants of the net, infinite scroll publishing

Articles have two ways of being formed, with the sidebar and without the sidebar. There are a large number of styles for publishing articles, which include placing citations in different styles, galleries, video, text blocks and interactive blocks: audio podcasts and «dotpictures»


A module that allows the use of interactive points to mark things, objects or persons or describe them with the ability to go to an external site. It is often used for collages of fashion looks to denote items and their descriptions.


Publications can have audio podcasts present. Their presence is indicated by a special headphones icon on the list of publications of the main page and the page of the publication category.

We added audio podcasts to the platform, where models discuss current trends.
What to wear?

A heading that helps to pick up a fashion look by generating various combinations of clothing. The heading provides an audio podcast, where the fashion stylist describes the trends of the current season.

03. Mobile
Mobile version of the online journal

A full-fledged mobile version of the online magazine allows for convenient interaction with the site on mobile devices, as well as on the desktop version. All interactive modules and headings retain their functionality and work on mobile devices.

mobile mobile
06. Final
Thank you for understanding how to develop a site based on a girlish request of "we want everything to be shiny and spinning"
L'Officiel Online
Getting a sense of all the details of our work is only possible after interacting with the site. Try it out!
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