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Luminar Logo
Luminar Logo Design
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Luminar Logo

Create a logo for the updated version of the Luminar photo editor. To convey the modernity of the program in its image, its new possibilities. In this case, keep in touch with the old logo so that the icon remains recognizable for loyal users.



Type of works

Logo design

About application
In November 2017, Skylum introduced an updated version of one of its key products - Luminar.

Luminar is a program for professional photo processing, an alternative to Adobe Lightroom. Earlier the program worked only on Mac, version Luminar 2018 for the first time became available for Windows.


The new logo symbolically displays 3 elements: photos, layers and filters, located inside the isometric box.

The logo emphasizes the core values of the brand - simplicity and creativity.

We introduced Luminar as a functional "box" solution.

The user of the program can use a library of artificial intelligence filters and presets to handle the photo. It opens up the possibilities to simply and intuitively create complex effects for the images.

Application icon

We have paid special attention to the fact that the logo will be used as an application icon: it should attract attention and be easy to remember. Luminar entered the selection of favorite apps on the App Store immediately after the release with the new logo.


We retained Luminar's recognition for current users by using the basic shades of the previous version of the logo, which we transferred to the corporate gradient

The text component of the logo emphasizes the updated nature of the program.

For writing Luminar and the 2018 descriptor, we selected the pure geometric grotesque Gilroy in the Bold inscription.

Additional graphics

In maintaining the logo style, we developed a set of icons. They are used on the site and talk about the additional features of Luminar.

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Malta
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