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Create an effective e-commerce project for a multibrand designer clothing store.



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Fashion is more art than art is

Andy Warhol

01. Client
Siaspace - is an e-Commerce project, bringing together independent niche apparel designers in a one place. Created by great people for the great people, that are in constant search for exceptional way of expressing themselves.
Fashion is a part and parcel of a modern human and needs innovations no less than other industries. We decided that our brand should have the best online store in Ukraine because we value our customers, their comfort and time.
The main goal is to improve our website's design and usability.
02. main
Interaction with the main slider that is looped with the most fashionable photo and video looks, that catch attention from the very first second.
03. Navigation
We implemented handy main menu and shopping cart. Now you can continue to browse all products and to check your shopping bag only with one move without switching to a different page. You can also easily switch from one category of products to other.
04. Filters
Based on world's leading brands we selected the most relevant options to filter products in a store. Color filter is unique in its kind and allows user to see complete color palette.
04. Gallery
Our gallery preview tells a unique story of each product and makes browsing experience exciting.

Want to buy the look selected by designers and save your money? Why not? In addition user can modify the number of items in a set. Also there is a detailed product gallery for each item of the set.

05. Mobile
The majority of target audience uses mobile devices so we focused on the high quality mobile experience alongside with the desktop version. And high content load speed makes user experience even more pleasant.
Facility team not just created beautiful and user-friendly product that increased interest among our existing and potential clients, but also helped us to settle a lot of internal processes like digital promotion which enhanced the efficiency of our business. We highly appreciate such comprehensive approach"
Getting a sense of all the details of our work is only possible after interacting with the site. Try it out!
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